Auto ID

Automatic Identification is used for the automatic detection and identification of data objects. Gathered information is directed into a computer system without the human involvement.

Barcode Scanner

Barcode scanners take all the essential and most updated data on an asset for its entire lifecycle. Asset tracking software comes with associated mobile apps that allow users to turn any smartphone or tablet into a fully functional barcode scanner. With one simple scan of a barcode, the scanner sends data to the affiliated asset tracking software and allows all eligible users to access and maintain the data anytime and from anywhere.

Barcode scanning is cost effective and don’t require additional hardware cost because the scanner is downloaded to employees own smartphones or tablets. Smartphones and tablets are usable virtually anywhere. Barcode scanners scan easily than manually typing information into an online spreadsheet.


Portable Data Terminal Barcode Scanner is used effectively to read barcodes. We are one of the foremost trader of wide range of scanners and printers. This scanner helps to collect, check or transmit data to the system by scanning the barcodes on the products. PDT increases the scanning speed and expands the scan depth, to meet the needs of industries. PDT has simple barcode data collecting and inventory functions. These types of scanners are available for asset tracking management software and attendance tracking software. PDT scanners are beneficial for the customers due to its portable nature.

Barcode Printer

Panda Paper Trading offers high integrated barcode printers by high performance level. As the barcode printer is used to print the barcodes, labels, and tags on parcels, envelopes, food items, clothes, jewellery, etc. This eliminates the possibility of errors and can print very quickly. This printer helps to create barcode labels effectively. Barcode printers are cost-effective and reliable products for your businesses. Barcode printers are better suited for labels used in manufacturing, distribution, healthcare and logistics.

Mobile Printer

Mobile printing helps to increase the productivity of the company. Our company gets enhanced by mobile-friendly options to boost the sales. We strategically put forward the mobile printing solutions by meeting the client requirements. The ability to print real-time information can save time, effort, and money. Mobile printer is considered as convenient form of printer to target your goals. We provide this technological tool that has become necessary in boosting operational efficiency in businesses. Mobile printing is beneficial for printing from any mobile device to a web-enabled, networked printer. It can enhance overall effectiveness for the entire organization.

Label Applicators

Panda Paper Trading offers a complete line of label applicators and print & apply systems, from simple, economically priced to high-speed label applicators. Label applicators are used to automate the process and enhance the consistency. These applicators automatically apply labels on the products. Applicators are used for dispensing unit with vertical and horizontal adjustable mechanism and fix the labels properly. Label applicators varied in different types like Integrated automated label applicators, Stand-alone label applicators, and Semi-automated label applicators. This labeling machine is categorized based on its performance.

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