Gain Premium Quality Labels

Labels are used for any combination of identification, information, and warning, instructions for use, environmental advice or advertising. These may include stickers, permanent or temporary labels or printed packaging.

Dairy & Beverage Labels

We trade dairy & beverage labels which enables high level of performance to adapt to cold storage temperatures, condensation while filling and still stick to the product. They must stick securely to wide range of substrate like plastics, glass, papers which may be wet, frozen, refrigerated, or subject to high heat environment. We manufacture dairy and beverage labels of highest quality that with stand all the challenges.

Edible Oil Labels

We are emerged as one of the leading suppliers of labels for edible oils in the markets. Edible oil labels are sticky labels which are attached to outer packaging of edible oil. It is considered as highly sensitive price product and demands innovative ideas for the niche products in this segment. We have been able to create a balance between the cost sensitivity and innovative ideas to fulfil the customer needs. Edible oil labels are benefited by waterproof, oilproof, not easy to fall off, clear printing, less fading, smooth surface, uniform thickness, gloss and flexibility.

Lubricant Labels

Our lubricant label offers various labels for small lube bottles to large drum labels. Labels are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and wear and tear to which they are exposed. Due to the strength and waterproofness, lubricant labels are applied on greasy and slippery products. Our labels are specifically made to cope up with temperature variations and harsh environment of the space where lubricants are kept. These labels are environment resistant.

Retail Labels

We deliver retail label solutions like promotional labels, shelf edge labels and weighing scale labels for all supermarkets and other retail outlets. We can provide labels as well as complete solutions for the retail industry. Retail Labels comes within variety of styles and colours. Retail Labels boost the sales with brightly colours and eye-catching retail labels on the products. These are available with either a permanent or removable type of label.

Barcode Labels

We provide full range of Barcode Labels, either as stock blank labels or in preprinted form. We can offer these labels in variety of materials to suit printer options like thermal, thermal transfer or any other custom materials. We will help you get the right labels, by making pricing labels in a supermarket or shipping labels or asset labels or labels for any other industrial uses. We offer standard size labels off the shelf and custom sizes are available on demand

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